New Jerusalem M. B. Church
“Minimizing Man To Maximize The Master”

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The Sanctuary Choir proclaims the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is designed to praise, glorify and magnify His Name through the ministry of singing. This ministry enriches the worship experience. It equips and educates ministry participants, for better and more effective service. It deepens the fellowship of those involved in the music ministry. The ministry witness musically through its faith in Jesus Christ as Lord before the believing and unbelieving communities. This ministry is an active, participatory, and integral part of the worship service. It is designed to assist the worshipers in centering their thoughts upon God, for those who have not surrendered themselves wholeheartedly unto the Lord; it prepares their hearts for the Holy Spirit through the Word of God to minister to them.

William Webb is the minister of music and Cor'darius Burnside is the percussionist.